Friday, November 9, 2018

The Nutcracker Cast: Meet Kai, Our Sugarplum Fairy

Kai Shlomi has been dancing since the age of three! We are delighted she will be dancing the part of the Sugar Plum Fairy in North Atlanta Dance Theatre's 2018 presentation of The Nutcracker.

We asked Kai to answer a few questions about her performance:

What are you most excited about in this year's staging of The Nutcracker?
This year I am most excited to be performing as the Sugar Plum Fairy alongside my sister, Nik, who will be performing as Clara. As a senior, it feels special to be wrapping up my 11th Nutcracker with NADA, while sharing the stage with my younger sister.

Tell us what dancing this role means to you?
This is a role I have been aiming for since I was a little girl watching the Nutcracker for the first time. To truly be performing this dream role is so surreal and rewarding.

Why do you think this ballet has become such a holiday tradition?
I believe (this) ballet has become such a holiday tradition because it showcases one of the most well known seasons of the year in an art form which brings joy and holiday spirit to audience members. Ballet encourages emotion and happiness among viewers, especially through holiday classics such as The Nutcracker.

Why should people choose our show over others in the Atlanta area?
People should choose our show over others in Atlanta because we have by far one of the most high quality Nutcracker productions in the area. From the pristine costuming to the large venue, the exquisite staging, and the beautiful dancing, our Nutcracker performance is the best way to get into the holiday spirit!

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Nutcracker Cast: Meet Moriah

Moriah Jones has been dancing for ten years. She will be dancing Dew Drop Fairy, Snow and Side Arabian in North Atlanta Dance Theatre's 2018 presentation of The Nutcracker.

We asked Moriah to answer a few questions about her role in this year's delightful staging of the holiday classic:

What are you most excited about in this year's staging of The Nutcracker?
I am most excited for the first scene of second act.

Tell us what dancing these roles means to you?
This Nutcracker, I will be performing my first lead roll in a ballet performance, and this will probably be the last time I will perform in the Nutcracker as I will be transitioning to college next year.

Why do you think this ballet has become such a holiday tradition?
I believe the music in this ballet is why it is so well known and liked today. The ballet starts with a Christmas scene and is colorful and bright making it perfect to bring an audience into the holiday spirit.

Why should people choose our show over others in the Atlanta area?
Families should choose NADT Nutcracker over other Nutcracker shows because it is a high quality ballet and more affordable than most professional performances.

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Saturday, October 13, 2018

It's Time for Magic and Wonder!

The holidays can be hectic and frenzied; we encourage you to BEGIN this special season with us. NADT will present The Nutcracker at Infinite Energy Theater November 9th-11th.

This year’s presentation boasts exciting additions to the battle scene and new twists to Clara’s dream.

NADT founder and Artistic Director, Michael Garrison describes his vision; “North Atlanta Dance Theatre’s Nutcracker is light and fun for the entire family. Some productions can be quite dark. I did not want a spooky Nutcracker. Our production is well structured in its narrative and quality of choreography.”

Garrison explains the importance of bringing the Nutcracker to the stage each year. “It is a tradition that encompasses the entire dance world and has become a big part of our country’s holiday tradition!”

NADT Presents the Nutcracker at Infinite Energy Theater:

November 9th 7:30 p.m.

November 10th 2:30p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

November 11th 2:30 p.m.

Tickets Are On Sale Now:

Monday, July 23, 2018

Hit the Links..."Fore" a Great Cause!

Dan McBain, Event Chair

Get ready for an afternoon of fun and fundraising! It's time for our annual NADTee It Up Golf Tournament.

As you know, NADT is a non profit organization. We delight in teaching young people the art of dance and bringing their talents to the stage through live performances. We hold steadfast to the belief that dance is a touchstone to so many other strengths and skills. Our dancers graduate well rounded and confident and ready to face the world with an appreciation for art. But, as a nonprofit, we cannot do this wonderful work without support from our parents and our community.

We rely on your support to make the magic happen! So we're asking everyone to consider signing up to be part of NADTee It Up! The event takes place September 23rd at 2 p.m. at Bear's Best in Suwanee, Georgia. All ages and skill levels are welcome.

This year's Event Chair, Dan McBain is a former professional dancer and his daughter, Olivia is a rising eighth grader and company dancer with NADT. Dan says this event is a wonderful opportunity to include fathers. "I think it is probably difficult for many fathers to fully understand the connection that their child has with dance and the benefits that came come from it. Often we hear about the injuries, personal struggles, disappointments," says McBain. But he adds, there are so many inspiring outcomes from the discipline and the joy of dance.

Dan explains, "the dedication it takes to attempt to perfect the dance and to show up even when you would rather not, the perseverance it takes to stay with it even when your mind and body want to give up and the ability to work with others to create something bigger and greater than you could have ever done by yourself makes our children better and stronger." McBain believes these life lessons are, "priceless and something any father can appreciate."

NADTee It Up will host 35 foursomes. Anyone can join; fathers, uncles, grandparents, neighbors.

Our tireless creative team has been hard at work planning what is sure to be a marvelous afternoon. Golfers will be greeted by stilt walkers and then handed goody bags. Refreshments will be available including a celebratory NADT 20th Anniversary bottle of bubbly. Vendors like Pasta Vino and Taco Mac will be providing food along the course. Additionally, Titos and Patron will be serving drinks and there will be raffle prizes. The tournament will conclude with a fire performance, hors d oeuvres, awards and a cash bar.

There are various levels of sponsorship should you be interested. The cost for a foursome is $500.00 and individuals are $145.

We would be so grateful for your time and support. Please call us 770-772-8000 or email: for registration and sponsorship information

Saturday, June 16, 2018

What They're up to Now?

Spring is such a wonderful and often bittersweet time of year.  Young dancers, whom we’ve watched grow from young children to accomplished young adults, leave us to graduate and move on to exciting futures. Some of them take all the poise and dedication they’ve learned from dance and parlay that into wonderful careers. Others choose to continue their practice. Two NADA and NADT Alumni Emily Patterson and Bridget West have been cast in some pretty incredible ballets as they extend their education at the University of South Carolina. We had a moment recently to catch up with Emily who tells us all about What They’re Up to Now!

Emily Patterson:
On April 15th, Bridget and I had the chance to perform in the University of South Carolina’s annual Ballet Stars of New York performance. Every year, our teacher, Stacey Calvert (former New York City Ballet soloist) invites several current Principal dancers from NYCB to perform iconic Balanchine ballets with us. The fact that we even get to perform these ballets at all is special, because the Balanchine Trust has so many rules about who can perform them, who can set them, and how the production runs as a whole. This year, we performed “Allegro Brillante” and “Stars and Stripes,” two incredibly difficult but well known Balanchine works. I was honored to dance in Allegro Brillante, a fifteen-minute ballet danced by four corps couples and a principal couple, which was danced by Ashley Bouder and Jared Angle. Though it was one of the most challenging ballets I’ve ever danced, it was absolutely a dream to perform. The second work in the show was commissioned by Sara Mearns for NYCB, titled “The Bright Motion” and choreographed by the renowned Justin Peck. This one was a phenomenal duet between Sara and Robbie Fairchild, and it was thrilling to watch. Finally, the showstopper was the famous “Stars and Stripes” Ballet, set to the famous Sousa music, arranged by Hershey Kay. It was especially thrilling to hear it played by our live orchestra! The ballet is split into five sections, or “Regiments,” as Balanchine named them, and Bridget and I both danced in the opening section— usually called the Short Girl Regiment. Of the thirteen girls in that section, we actually danced right next to each other (just like old days!). Following our regiment were the Tall Girls and the Men, with the men’s regiment leader role danced by NYCB’s Anthony Huxley, an incredibly exciting and beautifully technical dancer to watch. Then, Sara Mearns and Robbie Fairchild took the stage again for an exhilarating pas de deux as the Liberty Bell and El Capitan. The ballet culminated with all 41 dancers on stage together. We enjoyed every moment of this performance!

taken by Jason Ayer, and features the USC Dance Company with Sara Mearns, Robbie Fairchild, Anthony Huxley and the men of Columbia City Ballet

So what’s next?
Emily will graduate from USC on May 12th. She’s been auditioning and sending her performance reel to a lot of different companies. While in undergrad, she also completed the prerequisites for a Physical Therapy graduate school, because she’s always been interested in helping dancers recover from injuries and the science behind physical activity. “So somewhere down the road, I’d like to pursue that as well... but not until I’ve had my fill of performing,” says Emily.

Bridget is a rising junior at USC, and, along with dance, she is interested in learning more about Athletic Training—whether that is through a PT program or becoming a personal trainer!

Sisters Compete at YAGP in NYC

Please join us in celebrating two very talented young ladies, sisters Kai and Nik Shlomi! These two marvelous dancers competed this spring in the Youth Grand Prix in New York City.

Here's more about the awesome experience in their own words:

Tell me about the dance routine.
The dance routine was about two mimes who had contrasting personalities and constantly bickered with each other until finally they resolved their problems.

Why do you feel it was so special? What story does it tell?
This piece was inspired by Marcel Marceau and his famous mime characters. As sisters, we were really able to connect with each other and put our history together into the piece. Additionally, we are Jewish and Marceau used miming to stay alive during the Holocaust, a very devastating period, so our religious connection reasoned with our dedication of this dance to him.

How did you feel when you found out you were bound for NY?
When our amazing coach, mentor, and teacher, Ms. Stacey Slichter, told us the exciting news, we both started screaming with joy and had tears of happiness. It was so unexpected and the thought of going to New York for the YAGP finals was one of the most amazing feelings ever.

Tell me about NY.
While in NY we not only spent lots of time dancing, but we also had a great time getting to meet talented dancers from all over the world. Sharing our experiences with them made our time in the big apple even more special. The food in New York was delicious and spending our evenings in Times Square was so surreal.

What was your favorite part of performing at YAGP?
Our favorite part of performing at YAGP was having the opportunity to lighten the moods of the audience members and get a good laugh out of them. It was also a very rewarding experience to dance at both the Peter Jay Sharp Symphony Orchestra Theatre and the David H. Koch Theatre at the Lincoln Center. Not only this, but shortly after our performance, we took the subway from the theatre to Times Square and performed for pedestrians in the big city.

What was your favorite part of being in NYC? Had you been before?
Our favorite part of being in NYC was being around people with the same interests as us in a such a magical city. The billboards, the food, and the amazing respect for the art of dance in NYC made our experience much more special. Getting to spend time with our Mom and Ms. Stacey in the city was so enjoyable. We have been to NYC in years past, but this was our first time in the city for a dance related event.

How did you place?
Although we did not place in the top 12 out of hundreds of ensembles, our scores reflected an excellent performance and the judges mentioned that they truly enjoyed the piece. Being a duet and making it to the YAGP NYC 2018 Finals is already such an amazing achievement. Seeing what the audience had to say later on was an even more rewarding accomplishment and we will cherish it forever. If we went back and did it again, we would not change a thing!

What is your next big goal?
Our next goal is to continue our dance training and charm the hearts of many more future audiences!

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Spotlight on the NADT Guild

We recently had the honor of recognizing the NADT Guild for all of its steadfast work which enhances everything we do. We owe all the Guild members a debt of gratitude for their tireless and impassioned work.

Guild President Ronni Shlomi and husband Zvika

(L) Ashley Wilmouth and (R) Susan Fisher Guild Co-Presidents

The NADT Parent Guild is the collective parent body of North Atlanta Dance Theatre. Its mission is to promote parental participation in the life of NADT. The PG is led by a president and two co-presidents. Ronnie Shlomi serves as president, Ashley Wilmouth and Susan Fisher serve as co-presidents. The Parent Guild provides a strong voice for the parent community and works in partnership with the NADA/NADT administration. Leadership works together to embrace the mission, vision and goals of NADT.

Each officer has children who are company dancers. And in addition to supporting their own dancers, they perform myriad important duties behind the scenes that benefit everyone.

From overseeing all aspects of the PG's various committees to planning and scheduling activities for the season these ladies are relentless in their efforts.

One of the most important items the Guild is tasked with is fundraising. Money raised enables activities to enhance the social spirit of company members and families through welcome parties, themed t-shirts, holiday festivities, cast and end of year parties.

The PG also welcomes new family members, answering any questions and guiding them along the way.  Through regular meetings, the guild provides a forum for dialogue, addressing parents needs and concerns. Parents also use these meetings to suggest ideas and keep abreast of upcoming events and activities.

Like any organization, we would not be such a success without the support of parent volunteers. We extend our most heartfelt appreciation to the Parent Guild officers and the many parent volunteers who make it all look so easy. Thank you for putting your Passion in Motion!

A Look Back and Behind the Scenes: Swan Lake

A note from Mr. G as he looks back at NADTs spectacular production of Swan Lake: NADT's 2018 production of Swan Lake was a stunnin...